Flatland and others have created many tools to help you in building your Spots. Some of these help you build entire spots, others help you create or covert 3D building blocks, and still others help you organize and collect blocks into sets for others to use.


TEXTPAD A very popular text editor for Spot building is textpad. Mike Jost has updated a set of libraries for textpad that provide all the tags in 3DML and Roverscript.


VIEW-IT A 3D graphical too for making Spots based on high level templates.


SPOTPAD Glukalo has created a 2D map editor that simplifies spot building. *Spotpad site no longer exists*

Tools to help you convert 3D objects from popular modeling formats into Flatland Building Blocks.

BLOCK-IT A tool created by InsideTrack to convert Ray Dream Studio (.rds) objects into blocks. Includes a basic metasequoia to .block format conversion tutorial.


BLOCK2METAS A tool to convert .block files into MetaSequoia files. Created by Mike Jost. block2metaS

DXF2BLOCK A command line tool to convert 3D objects from DXF format to .block format. Originally created by Flatland, a new version has been supplied by Jimb Esser that handles much more complex DXF objects. DXF2Block

Tools to mange sets of building blocks (the .bset format).

EDITBSET Once you have created many blocks this tool, created by Flatland, lets you organize your blocks into a single blockset (.bset) file for easy use inside Spots. editbset

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