Textures are at the heart of spot building. With textures you create the landscapes around your space, the interiors of your buildings, and your own unique look and feel that makes your Spot your very own. There are many libraries of ready-made textures for you to use in your Spots. Many are repeating textures that can be used for walls, floors or skies. Others are object graphics that can be used for sprites.

In addition to the texture libraries listed here, each blockset contains its own textures for every 3DML. The blockset textures are always a good option to consider for your Spots, since they are included in the Blocksets that your visitors have already downloaded, so using Blockset textures in your Spots keeps the download times at an all time low! You can browse the blockset textures and their companion blocks in the Blockset Guide.

basic textures 
basic2 textures
village textures
islands textures
interior textures
spotsprings textures                

For those times when the blockset textures aren't quite sufficient to create that Spot you have in your mind's eye, we've created some exciting new textures to extend the palette of your imagination! xtra

There are hundreds of sites on the web offering seamless textures for walls and object textures for your spots.

grsites background textures - 4000+ seamless textures for use in your Spots!

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