About Building in 3DML

Q. Do I need to know 3D modeling to create 3DML spots?
A. No modeling necessary! 3DML creates 3D spaces out of simple building blocks that have already been made by someone else. All you have to do is put these blocks together into whatever shape you wish.

Q. Do I need to know how to program to create 3DML spots?
A. No! 3DML is a simple markup language like HTML. You will need to write some code, but the code is very simple and easy to learn. If writing code in C++ is like landscaping the gardens at Versailles, then making spots with 3DML is more like repotting that spider plant in your kitchen. You are going to get your hands dirty, and you have to remember to water it when you are through, but just a little effort will get you through it in no time. If you are already familiar with HTML, then many aspects of 3DML will be familiar to you. But even if you have never done any coding at all, 3DML is probably well within your reach. Go through the step-by-step tutorial to get familiar with the language.

Q. Why can't I see the lights I put in my spot?
A. The AMBIENT_LIGHT and/or ORB light may be drowning out your other lights. Turn your AMBIENT_LIGHT and ORB light down to a very low level, something like 15%. Then check to see if you can see your other lights are visible. If not, then you may need to proofread your light tags. After you get your lights working the way you want, then raise the AMBIENT_LIGHT and ORB light levels back up if necessary.

Q. I added to 2 new levels to my 3DML map, but I can't see them in my spot. What gives?
A. You probably forgot to change your MAP tag to accommodate the new levels.

Q. Can I use Javascript in 3DML?
A. You can use Javascript commands in links, but not in other parts of your 3DML file. So <EXIT> tags are the only places where you will find Javascript commands in a 3DML file.

Q. Can I use META tags in 3DML?
A. Yes. You can include META information in your spot files. The syntax is exactly the same as it is for HTML.

Q. How do I put comments in a 3DML file?
A. Type "<!--" at the beginning of the comment and "-->" at the end of it. Like so:

<!--your grandma eats ice cream with a fork-->

Q. I can view my spot from my hard drive, but not from my Web server. Why?
A. The 3DML MIME type may not be registered on your Web server. Read the section on publishing for instructions.

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